The Foxfires’ “Matchless, Part 2” is Dreamy-Pop and Surf-Rock of Intergalactic Proportions

Self-described as “seagaze…with an oceanic ambiance and a positive message,” The Foxfires are a band from the NYC metro area, formed in 2013.  The East Coast group’s sound is a blend of indie pop/rock, folk, surf rock, and shoegaze. With 5 singles, 2 EPs, and 1 full length under their belt, The Foxfires prove they are one of the top contending indie acts in the New York underground music scene.

The band released 3 brand new singles between February and May, recorded in Brooklyn with astute producer Jesse Cannon.  Each single was released coinciding with a significant date. The first single, titled, “Slowdive,” which is a lovely single filled with the gossamer drift of melodic guitars strung along with hazy vocals, was released corresponding with Valentine’s Day.  The third single, “Brooklandia,” a collision of colors and intricate interweaving of reverberating guitar riffs, was released on May 4th that fell on International Star Wars’ Day.  

One of these singles is “Matchless, Part Two,” which was released March 21st for the spring equinox.  The single is followed by an accompanying lyric video.  The music to “Matchless Part Two” is dreamy-pop dipped in hazy and haunting swaths.  The sound is an imaginative blend of surf-rock, garage rock, and shoegaze with the music video featuring images of constellations and our galaxy super-imposed over the lyrics running across the screen.  

A psychedelic guitar solo revs up in this single as a clashing wave of instrumentals from electric guitars, bass, drums, and percussions collide on this track.  The results are spine-tingling. The vocals match the soaring music evoking an airy out-of-this-world experience.

The single is also released in instrumental form and the instrumental version shows the band jamming out with great gusto.  The music is moving, going on in the trajectory of a slow smooth groove.  

Altogether “Matchless, Part Two” is an intoxicating blend of genres, as the band showcases their penchant for coloring outside the box.

Melodic and reverb-drenched guitars propel this single and with every layered thrust and pull to the song, “Matchless Part Two” is filled with synergy pulsating with an ambient driven sound tinged with a soulful dissonance that combined is a jarring experience.

Commandeering a rich retro style that recalls a psychedelic surf and garage rock feel, The Foxfires have a foot in the past while also brandishing a more modernized approach.  Incorporating the best out of both worlds shows the band appealing to fans of oldies and classics without alienating more contemporary fans.  

As their singles are any indicator, The Foxfires are a great live band.  Having performed over 450 shows across the East Coast, South, and Midwest, their energetic live performances are show-stopping, leaving audiences pumped and wanting more.  The band has a lot in store for listeners in the upcoming months. Look out for new and exciting material from The Foxfires as the year winds to a close, and going into 2020.  

The Foxfires’ blend of folk/pop, surf-rock and shoegaze is out of this stratosphere, so be sure you stay tuned!

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