International Orange Jazz-Jams Away With ‘A Man And His Dog’

International Orange

It is easy to hear when a band is having a good time and truly enjoys playing with each other. The instruments seem to meld together precisely to create one cohesive unit of pure joy. This is obviously the case with our friends in International Orange.

The Brooklyn, NY based 4-piece produces a mesmerizing jazz fusion/jam band sound that can be fully appreciated by anyone who has ever picked up an instrument. Over the course of 9 years together as International Orange, guitarist Dave Phelps, drummer Todd Isler, bassist Leo Traversa, and keyboardist Adam Morrison have formed one cohesive unit of technical skill in their instrumental sound. Bringing in influences from Afrobeat, Soul, Funk, and Prog-Rock sets the band apart and creates a sound that fans do not seem to tire of.

The most recent album by International Orange is the genre-fluid A Man and His Dog. The 11 track record is a touching tribute to their late bass player, Gaku Takanashi. Right from the opener “Keep The Blue Side Up” we get drawn into the jam with elegant guitar soon giving way to an organ taking over. There is room for everyone to led thier mind and body flow.

There is more of a Jazz-blues feel to “How I Learned Not To Worry” with the drums providing an impressive lead as well as a perfect backdrop as the other instruments take thier time in the sun. Some Funk-rock shows up on “Strut Orange” with grungey guitar meddling up and down the fretboard. Inventive is another word that comes to mind. The Funk continues but in more of a Jazzy way with “Freight Liner”. The musicianship really shows here as the full band each puts in their own piece of the melodic puzzle.

Good Luck Guessing Where International Orange Will Go Next

We are treated to a Rock song, in the most International Orange way with “The Penguin”. Even with the distorted guitars, the band soon adds thier own unique jam style that goes off in a most progressive way. Personally I would love to see this one played live.

For the closer International Orange slows it down with “Gaku, A Man And His Dog”. The song is a mesmerizing and emotional ode to thier former bassist Gaku Takanashi. The weeping guitar will make the emotion fill your ears and possibly your soul.

You can keep up with International Orange on thier WEBSITE or social media at @IntenationalOrangeBand

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