Rocky Romero Shows His Love For “28”

Rocky Romero

Being a successful artist often involves becoming a character. Letting the world see your brand while you enjoy the journey is important. Our recent discovery Rocky Romero seems to be quite the character as is ready to share more with his fans.

The producer and singer has been living his life in entertainment for years. For over a decade Rocky Romero has built up a life in the spotlight as a professional wrestler all over the world. Stints in Los Angeles, California and Mexico City led to finding his current home base in Tokyo, Japan. From here he finds inspiration for his unique style blending hip-hop, EDM, and Latin beats. 

The latest single by Rocky Romero is the numerical-happy “28”. The fun track is the lead from his upcoming EP Sneaky Style set for release on October 28th. His connection to the number seems very evident as his mesmerizing flow slides along to the energy-filled beat. Listeners may find thier bodies swaying along from the first drop. Ricky’s vocal style allows each lyric to stick and create an image in the mind. 

As Ricky Romero himself says “I’m trying to have a good time making music that moves me and hopefully it also will move a couple of other folks too.” Creating an intoxicating energy and connecting with fans seems to be most important to him. It looks like he has hit the mark on “28”.

You can keep up with the all-out entertainer on Twitter or Instagram at @AzucarRocAnd find merch here:

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