Today’s music has changed a great deal since the days of raw rock music.  The studio tricks used on albums now changes the whole feel of the live sound to make it sugary and sweet.  My guess is that this is done to try to make every song sound almost the same to appeal to the slim minded masses.  It is good to see some raw rock and roll still being made out there by our latest find, The Future Exes.

The Future Exes

The Los Angeles based rock band is made up of only two members, Scott Lawlor and Adam Schalke.  The duo believes that music is best when it comes from the heart and not some studio full of recording tricks.  Rock has been crippled in the past decade by auto-tune and excessive editing.  To change that The Future Exes are going back to basics.  They set up a simple basement studio and got down to business.  They lay down the first ideas that come to mind on guitar and drums, then go back and layer in some bass and vocals.  Under four hours later a song is born.  Their “one song a day” mantra has put the rawness back into rock.

Now the Future Exes are set to release their debut EP First Thought to a world that is thirsty for it.  They chose the best  5 songs from their recording sessions and packaged them together.  The opener ‘Nowhere To Go’ harkens back to a time in the early 90’s when music was not just heard, but felt as well.  The emotion is heard in the screaming yet heartfelt vocals.  On ‘Recognize’ they slow it down a little to allow the listener to mellow out and enjoy a full soundscape put together by just 2 people.  The standout track to me is ‘She Can’t Sleep’.  There is excellent guitar work here throughout a song full of raw emotion.  It builds nicely to a smoothed out chorus that will stick in your head for a while.

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