Some musicians create a huge personality for themselves which at times can become even bigger than the music. This often takes away from the actual music and creates a distraction.  Sometimes we get music sent our way that comes along with very little info on the artist behind it.  This creates an intrigue that makes me wonder what is this person all about.  The latest is the artist known as Audio.Thief.


The only information I could find was that Audio.Thief is an Instrumental Hip hop artist from Nantucket, Massachusetts.  This left much to be discovered.  He, or she even, has been prolific though, releasing three records in the past 9 months.  The latest full-length is entitled ‘Doctors Orders Pt. 2’.  The 11 track album is full of soundscapes that can fit in the background of any relaxing situation.  The song ‘Fat Witch’ jumped out at me right away with its mellow groove and melody that remains in your ear even after the track has ended.  ‘The Big 40’ also creates a similar esoteric groove.  There are some funk influences present in ‘Hey Arnold’ and ‘Hunky Muffin’.  This record grabs the listener and even with the change ups keeps you wanting more and waiting to see what is next.  Now if we could just figure out who is behind these sounds.  Go get a taste of Audio.Thief at:

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