The Herald Enters A Sea Of Strangers

The Herald

There will always be a special bond between members of a band. Pouring heart and soul into creating music together creates a brotherhood. Friendship is one thing but this reaches another level. This seem to be the case with our recent find The Herald.

The melodic rock band is now based in Fort Worth, Texas. The Herald is made up of Tanner Bowden – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Chris Fernandez – Vocals, Bass, Ben Claffey – Lead Guitar, and Ryan LaLone – Drums/Percussion. They met in 2015 while attending the University of North Texas together. The bond was created fast and music began to flow.

In 2016, The Herald released their Growing Room EP and started to really pick up steam. Now they are back with a new full length record called Sea Of Strangers. The 11 track recrod is a concept album that describes a tepid relationship between two people. This is something we can all relate to.  

The opening title track “Sea Of Strangers” puts the jazzy, melodic, and progressive alt-rock sound of The Herald out there for the listener to get accustomed to. There is something here for all styles of music lovers.

The Herald Keeps You Guessing

We get a dark atmospheric background on “Welcome Party”. It creeps behind the airy vocals of Bowden. Once we feel set into the tone by the middle of the song it shifts gears a little and shows off the progressive rock side of the band slightly. You never know what will come next.

The title of “Chemical Unbalance” is perfect for the song. We are taken for a ride through sound and space with noises seeming to come from all angles in an attempt to warp our minds. A powerful chorus will keep your attention fixed.



The energy picks up some on “Boiler Room” while still staying progressively different and supremely interesting. Just so much going on that blends together perfectly. The Herald can show a softer side too as on “Side By Side”. The emotion of the track can be felt through your whole being. Vocals are delivered passionately and the guitar tone is simply romantic.

The Closer “All’s Well That Ends Well” is a beautiful piece of music. Still on the mellow side but exotic melodies are scattered throughout to drive home the sound. The herald does not make music that can just sit in the background. They demand your full attention and they deserve it as well.

You can keep up with The Herald on their WEBSITE and hear more music on SPOTIFY

The Sea Of Strangers album is available on iTUNES as well.

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