Music can be a savior.  It is an unfortunate truth that many artistic people fall into esoteric lifestyles that often lead them down a wrong path.  Many never come back from this dark road and disappear into obscurity or an even worse fate.  There are the strong-willed few that strive through and make great stories for “Behind The Music”.  I recently came across a duo that is trying to turn things around and become that success story.  Let us introduce you to The Keenan Brothers.

Keenan Brothers

John and Mark are two actual brothers that have had the struggles but are using music as a catalyst for a better life.  Being from the pretty un-hip hop area of Kansas, in the heartland of America has given them a different aspect to develop their sound.  Their interesting hip hop style has a mellow heartwarming flow that grabs the attention of everyone that hears it.  There seems to be influences from many other styles here such as R&B, funk, and even country.  The group also avoids the all too common themes in current hip hop of opulence and T&A and instead tries to share a positive message and stories of survival.

The Keenan Brothers are set to release a new EP on September 17th to keep the momentum going.  We were offered a preview through the music video for the track ‘Mind Of A Criminal’.  Enjoy it here:

The soulful head bopping flow hits your ears right away with a hint of reggae thrown in to keep you calm as the lyrics attack your senses to tell a story.  The story is of pushing through the difficulties of life to reach the higher ground.  The hook will remain in your head long after the track is over.  Each verse shows off a diverse style that can reach all types of fans.

Keep up with the release and more music at:

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