Many things can lead many different people to the creation of music.  Often a spark is needed to create the intensity needed to pour your heart into music.  Society has been known to cause this spark quite often.  It happens in different ways but we are always excited to see the end result.  This seems to be the case with our latest find Leadsucker.


The Ohio based band is a throwback to old school hardcore punk.  Leadsucker was started as an outlet to release the frustration of vocalist/guitarist PJ Hearn.  After a horrible experience working for the US Government and seeing that instead of making a difference his department was part of the problem he took that anger and harnessed it into hardcore punk with the aid of two friends.  No one in Leadsucker uses their real name and their faces are blurred out on every piece of promo material to avoid any retaliation by the powers that be.  These are not young punks with nothing to lose.  They are family men with full time jobs living a double life expressing their emotion through song.

Last week the band released their debut album Burn.  The record is a throwback to the early hardcore punk days featuring 30 songs all less than a minute long.  The goal of Burn is very evident from the outset with the first song ‘America Doesn’t Give A Fuck About You’.  The attitude is high energy throughout as the grinding guitars and speed vocals mesh with a fast paced rhythm section intent on destruction.  When focusing on the aggressive lyrics the listener can feel the hate for what America has now become.  Hopefully Leadsucker can create the call to action that they desire and make the change in society that PJ Hearn set out to make with his previous government job through music.

Take a listen for yourself at:

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