As you are well aware by now, we are always looking for new beautiful music that doesn’t quite fit in the popular music mold.  With the advances in recording today there is an abundance of gorgeous music out there for those with the time to search for it.  Let Indie Band Guru help you in your search today and introduce you to The Morning Birds.

Jennifer Thorington and Samuel Markus are the two songbirds that make up The Morning Birds.  It is quite an interesting stew, mixing diverse styles and musical instruments that combine to make a sound that is very innovative yet warm enough to melt your heart with its poppy sappiness.  This is an experiment that the duo started 3 years ago and seems to be gaining momentum now as the band released their latest EP Surrender To This earlier this year.  It is an album to play when you have the time to sit back and absorb it all in at once.  There is no straight forward guitar line or drum beat to lull you to sleep, but instead an ever-changing dynamic to each song that demands your attention throughout the entire album.  The standout ‘Treasure’ could be a Matt & Kim song if they decided to put down their instruments and have a random sing-along.  I am sure this song is hummed by many a person after their first listen to it, very catchy while staying very original.  The reggae-like guitar opening of ‘Surrender To This’ makes you think you are about to go down a similar path but no worries, The Morning Birds will lead you into uncharted musical territory before the first verse is even over.  There is much more here than just good music.  There is meaning in the lyrics to help the listener focus on what is most important, staying centered and giving in to what your heart tells you is right.  It is working for the band and if you keep listening you will become centered as well before you know it.

Bottom Line: The Morning Birds Surrender To This is an album for those music fans that are open to new original sounds but still always have the yearning for good pop song in their head.  We advise you go give the full album a listen at your earliest convenience.

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