Climb “The Mountain” With Bruce Sudano

Bruce Sudano

A simple melody comes flowing from the speakers as one playful image after another rolls across the screen before us in the new music video for the single from Bruce Sudano “The Mountain,” but as spellbinding and genuinely inspiring as this unaggressive translation of vibrant harmonies into stirring visualizations is, it’s the guitar-laden music in the background that wins the lion’s share of our affections here. 

Steering clear of fanciful frills and instead choosing to play out a barebones folk/rock anthem that exploits all of his natural strengths for everything they’re worth, Sudano delivers one of the brighter songs of its kind to debut in 2020 in “The Mountain,” and though it’s on par with much of the high-caliber content he’s released to date in terms of compositional wit, I’d rank it as an important acquisition for indie buffs everywhere this March just the same.

Watch “The Mountain” below!

There’s a 70’s-style framework in play here that reminds me a lot of James Taylor in his prime, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call this single a throwback to the classic folk/rock of yesteryear. As far as the hook is concerned, this is definitely more on the contemporarily alternative side of pop than it is anything old school in nature, and while the production quality is slick, it doesn’t rob us of any organic grit in the harmony. Bruce Sudano does an amazing job of preserving this genre’s integrity whilst quietly pushing forward with a progressive approach to lyricism in “The Mountain,” and for my money, it’s one of the sweeter new singles to be appreciated this season.

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