A trend that we feel is a great evolution in the music industry is the increase in EP and even single releases as opposed to full length albums.  It is best to stay in your fans minds by releasing new music more often instead of a 18 month to 2 year wait for a new album.  With the recording technology today a band has the ability to go from writing to recording to releasing in a much quicker fashion than the old major record label model.  A band who gets this is our friends The One2s.

One 2s

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based band is the compilation of two locally successful acts, Leiana and Big Crowd Popular.  Thier sound is a mix of brit-pop, shoegaze, and punk with a raw energy that exudes from the music.  Last year The One2s sent us the One2s EP 1.  Which set the tone for the new band providing catchy raw material that the current indie scene is eating up.  Now they are back with EP2 as they finish off their debut full length.  Keep feeding the fans what they want!

The new EP is 5 more tracks of raw unadulterated emotion pushed out if a fuzzy in your face way.  The 2 minute opener “Gazed Out” shows a splash of a more atmospheric sound that aims to set your mind up for the assault it is about to receive.  “Cryer” is a more aggressive song with distorted guitars driving the full on wall of sound.  There is a more epic/experimental tone to this EP than the EP1.  The drums take the lead on “I Can See..” as an interesting guitar melody joins in to further warp the listener’s mind as to what they are experiencing.  Leiana’s vocals help push that even farther here.  The closer “Blank Stare” slows it down some as the emotion of the band is shared with everyone. This is a perfect way to end off the record and leave the listener waiting for more.  Get on board now at: http://www.theone2s.com/

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