The OSYX Bring Back Post-Punk With Latest Album

It’s a matter of fact that nostalgia is having a huge moment right now. For most, it’s seen through a bubblegum pop lense. However for The OSYX, it’s time to bring the post-punk movement back with a modern twist. 

The OSYX self-titled debut album essentially slaps you across the face and says “we’re here, deal with it” and all of a sudden, paints your nails black, adds some safety pins in your t-shirt and covers your hair in gel. In other words, this album will make you feel like a badass. 

The stand out track, in my opinion, would have to be “Dog Fight”. Through the gripping hard rock electric guitars, the track is almost infused with the vibe of the 60’s through dulcimer like sounds. It’s something incredibly unique, like the movie Across the Universe used Sex Pistol’s songs instead of The Beatles. It works, trust me. 

The entire body of work tells a story that reflects on today’s societal issues in that The OSYX knows that something needs to be done, and they need you to know as well. The young alpha-female band had a large amount of potential and we’re eager to see what’s next.

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