FOE AK on the Rise with Hit New Single “Tropical”


FOE AK started his career as a kid by freestyling alone until one day, he decided to go to the studio and record. He hasn’t looked back since. He reveals, “I taught myself how to really rap on any beat. And not just rap, but to make it sound good.” FOE AK is not just a rapper, but a true musician.

When asked about his inspiration, FOE AK said, “As a kid I always loved music. I looked up to a lot of artists, but Lil Wayne was my favorite (and still is). Every time a song by him would come on, I would imagine myself performing it with him. I also saw the way they lived and I wanted to have a lavish lifestyle just like them while doing something I loved.”

Watching FOE AK perform, you can see and hear the influence Weezy has on him. They both drip swag, aren’t afraid to call out their haters and work hard to grind their way to the top.

The latest single “Tropical” captures the 19 year old’s grind to the good life—“from the trenches to the tropical” as his song hook states. After listening to “Tropical”, you’ll realize this kid is legit. FOE AK is full of raw energy, confidence, ambition, and skill. 

FOE AK starts “Tropical” with an intro by famous Danny Draco. After FOE AK spits four bars, the beat drops and you’re hooked into the song.  

Check out the “Tropical” music video : 

FOE AK has big dreams and nothing will stand his way of achieving them. “In 5 years, I see myself atop the best of the best in the music industry—making a name for myself while providing for my family.”

FOE is short for ‘Family Over Everything’—a motto that he lives by and uses for his merchandise. With his family bloodline as motivation, FOE AK won’t stop grinding until he reaches the top.

FOE AK’s natural musical talent combined with his unbreakable determination will bring this young Florida rapper from the trenches to the top in no time. 

“Tropical” is available on all platforms. Follow FOE AK on Twitter SoundCloud and Instagram

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