World Record Holders The Pocket Gods release new single

The Pocket God Searching for the Devine

Bands usually aren’t usually competing for Guiness World Records, but The Pocket Gods have oddly scooped one up. The Pocket Gods released the most tracks on a digital album (100×30), that had 100 tracks on it.

While their latest release “Searching for the Divine” isn’t a world record holder, it’s four sure something for the books.

With a sounds that’s straight out of the 90s it makes it stand out from the pop dominated radio of 2017. So fans of The Stone Roses, Cast, Slowdive and The LA’s get really to fall in love with The Pocket Gods’ “Searching for the Divine”.

The guitar driven track opens with a psychedelic feeling intro. Dry harmonized vocals chant “fly so free” over vamped electric guitar. It brings back that grunge feel Nirvana really drove into the mainstream eye.

It has all the elements of that pure 90s grungey, garage rock that’s missing from the pop dominated year 2017 has been having. The electric vamping guitar that fills up the sounds thought the track and a memorable solo. The simple, yet effective bass line that rounds out the guitar that dominates the track. Percussion wise, it’s hard not to notice the garage rock sounds with the rawnes of each hit.




The Pocket Gods’ journey hasn’t been sinmple over their entire career. Facing many obstacles, it seemed like the bands was cursed with the worst luck anyone could imagine in the music industry. There’s bad luck and then there’s what The Pvket Gods have gone through.

A week after discovering the band, the legendary John Peel passed away. Manchester & Factory Records giant Tony Wilson came across the band and died soon after. Their former manager Steve Blacknall also suffered a near fatal asthma attack soon after taking the band on.

Now sitting with the likes of David Bowie, Ringo Starr and Justin Bieber in the official Guiness World Records book, their luck seems to be improving. Their digital album (100×30) has 100 tracks each only 30 seconds in length. The Pocket Gods set out to make a statement against Spotify’s algorithm to only pay artists and labels after tracks have been played for 30 seconds.

The Pocket Gods are gearing up for a new LP this summer.

Now looking at a more conventional LP, The Pocket Gods hope to have it release at the end of this summer. The album titled “The Jeasue and the Mary Chain” follow so bassist Mark Lee’s time touring with the Creation Records band of the same name.

The first single “Another Sunny Day” is a feel good piece of vintage Indie-pop showing the  ands diverse sound,