The Shrimps Welcome You With Abstracts & Keywords


Even with the power of the internet, there is still something powerful about being based in one of the bigger music hubs. There will be more opportunities to get in front of more people in a live setting. As well as more chances to meet face to face with music industry powerhouses. Our latest find The Shrimps found themselves in one of these hubs and things are starting to happen for them.

The musical duo is made up of the Benjamin brothers, Marcus and Simon. Both were born in Britain but moved to New York City for business reasons. Music was not the intended purpose for the move but being in the center of such a great music scene rubbed off rather quickly on The Shrimps.

Together they create a raw acoustic folk-rock sound that everyone can enjoy. It is easy to hear the joy The Shrimps feel when they are making music. There seem to be influences everywhere from Simon & Garfunkel, Lennon & McCartney, and R.E.M.  Even with their home base being Manhattan, New York, The Shrimps put in the travel hours and have toured the world to gain new fans.

The Shrimps Are Back With Music For Us All

Now The Shrimps are ready to release their third record titled Abstracts And Keywords. The 11 songs of the album seem to let us tight into the room with The Shrimps. The warm and laid back production make sure of that.

The opener “Aim With The Arrow” begins with some piano mashing that wakes up your heart. The vocals thrown in the mish-mash of sound let you imagine that the band is right there in front of you.

On “Rebels” the speed and energy are picked up with some organs added and the duo spitting out lyrics as fast as they can. Compare that to “On The Boat” with its slowed down and elegant phrasing creating a truly pretty song.

The Shrimps keep you guessing for the remainder of the album all the way to closer “In The Moon” with its campfire style of soaring vocals and acoustic guitar leading the charge and leaving a smile on your face.

You can find The Shrimps on FACEBOOK and listen more on SPOTIFY.