The Singer and The Songwriter Embrace the Blues

The Singer and The Songwriter

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: I’m a complete sucker for acoustic music. Anything that I can feel deep in my soul that will resonate with me for quite some time is the kind of music I choose to listen to over mostly anything else.

The Singer and The Songwriter have delivered a track to my eardrums that gives me that musical satisfaction that I constantly long for. The duo, who originated in Los Angeles, released their latest EP, Ballads for Trying Times, last month. One of the singles from the EP, titled “Nights & Weekends,” showcases a bluesy feel with soulful vocals that provide a completely mellow listening experience.

The Singer and The Songwriter Do It Right

The accompanying music video only helps to portray the raw emotion that you can not only hear, but feel within the lyrics. The beginning of the song starts out with an impressive blues guitar number that leads into vocals with a lot of bass to them, yet they remain quite soft and mellow. There’s a very buttery feel to the end of each line which will ease you gently into the billowing start of the next. A minute and a half into the song, the tempo picks up only slightly. Enough to bring a unique change of pace into the track, but not enough to interrupt the overall flow of it.

The music video is very simple in nature, being set within a recording studio that seems to have an aura of warmth to it. Maybe that’s just the song working its magic, but the setting seems completely serene and magical, even though it is very plain and classic.

There seems to be a slight classic country vibe to the vocals, one that you may only be able to catch if you’ve been exposed to country music your whole life (like I have). It’s a nice touch, and helps to blend two different genres together beautifully. The guitar solo two and a half minutes into the song dives deeper into the bluesy nature of the track, and does so quite perfectly. The vocals reappear shortly after, but only for a quick moment before fading away again, back into another uncomplicated yet moving guitar number.

The track ends on a very satisfying note, gently fading away into silence and a quick thumbs up from the guitarist that you’ll see in the music video. If you’re expecting something very complex and exciting with this track, you won’t find it.

Instead, you’ll find pure, simple beauty.


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