Music can be used for much more than just pleasing the ears.  When a message is shared through song it makes it much more meaningful.  A mixture of fresh sounds and lyrics that tell a story that has a purpose will always stay around longer than a pop song that just tries to sound the same as every other song out there.  Our latest find is a new project that stays current with a biting tongue.  Let us introduce The Social Cynic.

Social Cynic

The duo of Nick Pacitti and John Percival has been making music together since their teenage years.  From their early days in the metal band Providence, through the pop-parody project The College Man of the early 00’s, to The Social Cynic there has been a tremendous growth and camaraderie.  Now they take stabs at pop-culture, government, and world issues through a mix of funk, pop, hard rock and heavy metal sounds.  While Pacitti has developed a knack for writing extremely catchy hooks through multiple instruments, Percival uses his percussion and audio technical skills to create something that is truly unique but flavorful enough appeal to any listener.

The Social Cynic has made a habit of releasing singles through their website and offering them for free download to their ever-growing fanbase.  Songs such as ‘The One’ stay in the rock realm with a mellow tone but an aggressive vocal style to make sure the point gets across.  This song will creep into your mind before you even notice.  The Social Cynic show off their funky side on ‘IT’.  There is phenomenal musicianship here that makes it feel as if there are much more than just 2 people involved in the project.  The hard rock comes to the forefront on ‘Hollywood USA’, a 90’s influenced jam that would fit well in any playlist of the time.  The standout to me is the recently uploaded ‘The Hard Truth’.  The attack on the mass media and their force feeding of America cuts to the point with a powerful feel and semi-aggressive tone.  If you want great music with a real meaning behind it we recommend you check out ASAP.

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