We have been on a path all weekend finding songs that are more than just sounds and words.  A song written with a true meaning and motivation will always find its way a little deeper into my heart.  These are the songs that you could listen to again and again to pick up every nuance and not become bored because there is more to it.  Let us introduce Free From Gravity.

The band based in the UK is the brainchild and voice for lead man Vince Barnes.  Free From Gravity avoids the short term music trends and focuses on creating classic rock sounds that will be able to stand the test of time.  His latest project is the song ‘The Long Road’ which was sent to us with the following music video as well:

The song is more than just a song, it is the story of Vince’s own mother’s battle with cancer and eventual recovery.  This being a true story makes the personal vocals even more heart warming and intimate.  The video as well makes the listener feel attached to the unfortunate situation and rooting for a happy resolve to the story.  It makes for a great listen.  Hopefully Vince uses this inspiration to keep penning great music.  Keep up with him at: www.freefromgravitymusic.com

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