There are many bands out there that started off their career as a bar band playing other people’s songs.  Cover bands have taken over many local live rock scenes as the unadventurous and boring listener flock to see songs they already know instead of new original music.  Some smart bands have figured out a way to break into this scene by playing cover songs to get the fans attention and then winning them over with the bands own style of inventive music.  One band that has blazed this trail is nighTTrain.

Night train

The hard rock band out of Northwest Arkansas has become a staple in the regional casino circuit playing guitar rock hits from the 60’s to today.  James Dunham and Darin Forrest handle lead guitar and vocals and brothers Waylon Barnes and Tuff Barnes hold down bass and drums.  Joe Hall was brought in later as frontman to add to the excitement.  Every show has become a party and fans never leave disappointed.

Now nighTTrain has started bringing in their original music to the mix and the reception has been good.  We were able to get a listen to a couple songs and can see the potential.  On ‘Dirty Fallen Angel’ the band breaks down into a dark bluesy vibe showing off some real guitar skills and a laid back feel that draws in the listener.  The energy is turned way up on ‘I’m On My Way’.  This track brings in an 80’s hair metal atmosphere and the high speed power to match.  The driving beat and brisk guitar make for an entertaining listen.  Go get a taste of nighTTrain for yourself at:

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