The Theodolites – Combining Many Sides Of Art

The Theodolites

Not all musical projects are made for the stage.  There are many pieces of the music industry to provide space for all artists to share their own skills and talents.  Take for example our recent find The Theodolites.

The band who formed in Derbyshire, United Kingdom this past February has their own interesting concept.  There are no constraints on The Theodolites to conform to the mainstream music industry.  They are in essence a virtual band.  For now, the project is made up of multi-instrumentalist Nicky, lyricist Bereek The Capricorn, songwriter Marie Red, and vocalist Shine.  Together they provide a platform where musical, graphical, lyrical and every other style of artist can add their own style to the broad range of genres intertwined.  This is collaboration at its finest.

Watch As The Theodolites Overwhelm The Senses


The latest offering by The Theodolites is “Code Purple”.  It is a powerful rock track that acts a tribute to the AC/DC classic “Thunderstruck”.  The guitar stands out as it leads the way.  The rhythm section creates a groove that will find your head bopping along.  This all combines quite well with the video artistry of the sped up cityscapes and creates an energy to draw you in.  

We are interested in seeing more.  Keep an eye on this project at:

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