Coldrain Proves Ambition with Latest Single, Video


By Cecilia Morales of Indie Band Guru

Opaque beams of light shine down a pitch black stage as the outline of over 3,000 hands bounce up and down in anticipation. A slow beat accompanies a creeping guitar riff, the light focuses on lead vocalist Masato Hayakawa as he lifts the mic to his lips to draw his first breath.

As Japanese rock band, Coldrain, come into view, the energy begins to build alongside the accelerated synth beats and the sharp snares and symbols. The light transforms into a burning red color, intensifying Hayakawa’s glare as he begins to belt the chorus to the band’s latest hit, “The Story.”

Coldrain’s Latest Single Packs Big Sound

Coming off the band’s latest album, Vena, “The Story” stands as a powerful ode to overcoming obstacles and maintaining a positive outlook.

“”The Story’ is about not letting your fears take over your life,” says Hayakawa. “A simple song to sing to yourself when you’re up against a wall.”

Incorporating a mix of heavy guitar riffs and an electronic background, Coldrain manage to produce a sound reminiscent of early 2000s alternative rock. Thinking along the lines of Evanescence and Linkin Park, Coldrain’s “The Story” brings back a nostalgic cadence with a modern twist. The skillfully crafted guitar solo compliments the track’s robust instrumental, adding a layer of emotion that drives the song forward.

The true force, however, driving the track’s momentum is Hayakawa’s stage presence throughout the accompanying video.

Donning a sleek, all-black aesthetic, the lead singer gracefully handles the crowd as he walks across the stage. While Hayakawa does not exert too much physical movement; the power and energy of his voice provide enough talent to keep the performance lively.

As he sings, “I’ll never let them hold me down to the ground / I’m holding my own ‘cause I write the story,” the crowd goes wild, as if at the notion that anything is possible.

Although the performance itself is quite impressive, the music video falls short of doing justice to the track’s lyrical content and energetic force. The song would have been a better fit for a more conceptual video depicting an epic journey or an inspiring tale; the shots begin to lose their charm and become monotonous once the 2-minute mark hits.

Despite this, “The Story” remains a passionate expression of motivation and perseverance. Coldrain truly pack a mighty punch in this track, bringing a new meaning to the phrase carpe diem.

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