Theda Phoenix Relaxes us With ‘Crystal Calm Volume 2’

Theda Phoenix

As someone who keeps a close eye on the music industry and how people digest the music around them, there’s been an interesting trend emerging: 

The need for “unusual” music.

When you flick on the radio, you’re usually met with the same top 10 artists, a handful of 90s tracks, and maybe an 80s classic. And I think people are in want of something a little different. 

Therefore, let me introduce you to Crystal Calm Volume 2 by Theda Phoenix, which is more of a meditative experience than an album. 

The opening track begins with nothing but the sound of running water, a concept that is used throughout the entire album. These soothing sounds will ease you into the Theda Phoenix world.

As you sink further through, Theda Phoenix smooths atmospheric, ethereal sounds both with instruments and her voice across the tracks, hypnotically flowing from your left ear to your right. *Headphones recommended. 

Dive Into ‘Uncharted Waters’ By Theda Phoenix

“Uncharted Waters” is perhaps the most haunting yet beautiful of the collection, the artist employing deep charms and more wailing vocals. There’s a poignancy to the track that feels other-worldly in its delivery. 

However, this is an album that really requires a full listen and your own ears to judge. As it encourages a meditative-like state, it makes it a deeply personal experience. A track that “works” for me could not very well “work” for you. 

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys hearing drops of rain fall upon your window during the night, “Cleansing Rain” is likely the track to drag you under. With a runtime of over 8 minutes, the patter of water droplets falling throughout the whole thing lulls you to a peaceful state. 

Crystal Calm Volume 2 is the album you need if you’re requiring something to calm your mind, slacken your muscles, and melt your bones. Give it a try and let us know how you feel on the other side.

Find more from Theda Phoenix on her WEBSITE.

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