Therma Will Wait To ‘Die Another Day’


After almost two years with barely any live shows it has become more important than ever to connect with your fans. Not only from the stage but also in a deeper way through your personality. Our recent discovery Therma is putting it all together to become a part of the new audience connection based music scene.

The musical project hailing from Dallas, Texas aims to provide a full entertainment package. Beautifully crafted songs paired with striking lights and sound. A creation that is more than just music. Therma has a way of engaging the crowd that draws them into the full performance. With shows opening back up now, the Dallas music scene better get ready.

The debut release by Therma “Die Another Day” has recently hit the music platforms and should be gaining fast attention. The sweet and mellow vocals lay on top of a deep bass sound as the song opens. Soon after, the full rock energy comes in to blast out your speakers. The soaring chorus drips with emotion. A full melodic driving soundscape with heart.

This is what is coming back to mainstream rock music and we like it. Keep up with Therma on their INSTAGRAM.

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