It’s “Up 2 You” With Chace

A lot of pop and R&B singers care more about the prop elements in their music than they do the meat and potatoes of their lyrics, but the exact opposite can be said for Chace, whose new single “Up 2 You” has a poetic reach that was made to ignite hearts ablaze this Valentine’s Day. Significantly more melodic than a lot of the other underground R&B listens to have landed on my desk in the past few months, Chace’s new song and music video are both brooding and bewitching, telling us everything we need to know about this heartthrob’s amazing skillset. 

The lead vocal is surprisingly relaxed for the majority of the track, which comes in strong contrast with the anxiousness of the rhythm as we build closer and closer to the release of the chorus. 

Watch the video for “Up 2 You” below

Circling the point of eruption, Chace is all too casual when it comes to the tension in this arrangement, bringing to mind some of the best players to ever sing soul music, although this is a slightly different aesthetic in play. His attitude is everything, and the symbolism between the flow of the song and that of a typical romantic relationship is quite accessible even to the most ignorant of listeners. 

I can’t speak for every critic in the industry today, but my gut tells me that this is going to be a very well-received track among the R&B faithful in 2022, and it’s all because of the sensuality that its singer instills in every bar of the music. Chace is absolutely on fire in this performance, and if this is going to be his signature entering the new spring, I cannot wait to hear what his summer sounds are going to bring forth – especially if they’ve got the same balladic tone this piece has.  

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