Planet Asia rebirths the Golden Era with “Tha Movement”

Planet Asia

Seasoned emcee Planet Asia, aka Jason Green, released a new single titled “Tha Movement”. The other-worldly hip hop track was produced by Genetics and features Chace Infinite, Innate, and Bumps.

Born in the ’70s, Green was heavily influenced by the Golden Age hip hop. Through his music, he seeks to reinvent that era of hip hop and to bring it back to popularity in this day and age. Planet Asia’s single is thus part of “Tha Movement” to bring influences from the era back to life. Indicators can be heard through the outer-space, eclectic instrumentals. Similarly, their witty phrases and top-notch bars are bound to have listeners rewinding the song to bask in their innovative rhymes. Together, the four musicians created yet another exquisite track to follow their previous achievements.

Planet Asia didn’t begin with “Tha Movement” though. In fact, he just recently dropped his 20th Anniversary Edition street album, “Dirty Planet”, back in October. Planet Asia has a long past with music that began when he was growing up in California. Green was originally part of what once was the hip-hop duo the Cali Agents. Since then, he’s been releasing tape after tape, improving all the way. He is now part of the Durag Dynasty, Gold Chain Military, and of course is now most widely known as Planet Asia.

Planet Asia is more than just a single individual.

Green’s talent for music doesn’t stop at rhyming. After years of working with Avatar Records, he co-created his own record label, titled Gold Chain Music, in the early 2000s. The Gold Chain Music crew members value working together and respectfully helping out others and each other in order to make great music. They realize that success not only comes from hard work, but from team work as well. The members consist of Planet Asia, Tristate, Killa Kali, Montage One, Lyric Jones, and Dirty Diggs.

Overall the group holds a strikingly mature and inspirational view on musical collaboration. The Gold Chain Music website states, “All of [the members] possess the skill and the will to survive as an individual, but they understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its’ parts.” Not only do we have a lot to learn from the funky, captivating tracks Planet Asia and company release, but we can also learn from their uplifting mentality on life.

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