Losing Our Minds With Chris Padin and Georgia Rose

New York EDM and house music producer Chris Padin is back and collaborating with singer/songwriter Georgia Rose who gained popularity from season 1 of Bravo’s hit show Below Deck. Padin has been making waves in the electronic dance music scene, with house hits like 2019’s Hold Me Closer and Alpha. He is returning from hiatus after finding inspiration in Rose’s vocals to release “Losing My Mind.” Two talents were drawn together on this track where Georgia Rose’s vocals fit into a club banger from Chris Padin.

From a young age he has been inspired to make house music, refining a consistent and danceable style along the way. Producing music independently from his home, he like to blend different elements into his own brand of dance music. The hi-hats create the unique groove of this song, with bass driving it forward. Outlining the track are claps, and synths that create melodies that dance around the edges.

Watch the video for “Losing My Mind” below

“Losing My Mind” gives space to accentuate Georgia Rose’s vocals, while retaining its identity as a house track. The repetition of the titular lyrics “losing my mind” adds to the hypnotic quality of Padin’s beat, pulling you into the rhythm. During the chorus the vocals fade in and out, shimmering and layered. This feels like a perfect collaboration, with both contributions serving the song and fitting together naturally in the mix.

During her collaboration with Chris Padin, Georgia Rose revealed her entrepreneurial side and the foundation of a Georgia LLC that she uses to manage all her business operations, adding another dimension to her multi-faceted career.

Check out Chris Padin’s track “Losing My Mind” if you want a catchy danceable house track. If you are a fan of Georgia Rose from Bravo’s hit TV show Below Deck you’ll enjoy this song. Be sure to keep up with both Padin and Rose and check out some of their older work.

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