Skinny Knowledge Are Back With A Bang With Their New Single ‘I Wonder’

Skinny Knowledge

2021 saw Skinny Knowledge make some noise with their debut album, Don’t Turn Out The Lights. It was an ‘all killer no filler’ collection of songs that received a lot of well-deserved praise. It’s clear to understand why, with so many outstanding tracks, including “Getaway” and the title track. With momentum on their side, Andy L Smooth (lead vox/guitar), Max Harris (guitar), Rabbie McGowan (bass), and Kristian Lee (drums) are back with their new offering “I Wonder.”

Speaking about the new release, songwriter Smooth says, “The song originally started as a simple melody idea whilst I was on the motorway, driving home from a gig. I recorded a silly voice note (to add to the rest) of me mumbling some nonsense, with a very vague sense of a melody. As soon as I got home, I grabbed a guitar, came up with some chords, and got a simple demo down. About 20 minutes later, the song was done. It’s actually the first ‘easy’ songwriting experience I’ve ever had. You know when the words write themselves. The whole thing just came together, and it never changed”. 

Smooth wastes no time as soon as “I Wonder” begins. He jumps straight in with the opening lines, “I can’t believe that I’m falling again / Something’s wrong, and it feels like the end / I know, I’ve been away too long”. But he is not alone. Along with his voice and guitar, the rest of the guys join in the fun. Together, they hit your ears hard with a barrage of rock goodness. The energy this collective creates shows not only that they are enjoying themselves, but they all understand the sound they want to deliver. 

Lyrically, they share a tale that Smooth describes as “wanting to be enough for someone. You’re doing all you can, but you’re just not sure if you’ll ever be what they need? However, deep down, you know you want to be a better person. You don’t want to leave, so you’re left feeling very conflicted”. A situation reflected in the lines, “I can’t believe that it’s all in my head / I make it worse when no words have been said / I know, the problem is my fault”. 

As it progresses, their captivating style of rock continues to grab the listeners attention. They make it near impossible to stay still. Again, it is a compliment to how good they guys combine their talents. This winning formula appears during the breakdown with the repeated line “Whether this is me”. The guitars and drums dance around the vocals to stunning effect. It is a line that also stands out during the hook. Smooth delivers it with intent, as he powers it out. A trait that fans of the Foo Fighters will recognise. This combination sees out the song and leaves you wanting more. 

If you want a no-nonsense rock track with a great hook, you need ‘I Wonder’ by Skinny Knowledge

“I Wonder” is yet another excellent display of the band’s musical talent. Like all of their songs before it, they know how to rock and get the listener to sing along. The good news is, there are more new tunes on the way. If that is not enough, they plan to hit the road to bring the party to venues near you. It is shaping up to be another busy year for Skinny Knowledge.

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