Creating music

When creating a game, developers aim to provide an exceptional player experience to attract and keep players engaged in the game as long as possible. Although concentrated on visual aspects, many of today’s creators and developers acknowledge the importance of immersive music in gaming.

The History of Music in Video Games 

Music had its place during video games’ 8-bit era, and composers were involved. However, technological limitations only allowed for the creation of catchy yet straightforward jingles. 

Of course, no one can deny the popularity of such tunes. Some of the most popular 8-bit games featured pieces that remain popular to this day. In addition, these catchy tunes are used today, mostly in slots and puzzle games. You can play nonstop on 24betting app.

The 16-bit era, followed by further technological development, enabled video game creators to collaborate with professionals, renowned or young composers, eager to specialize and gain fame through game music. 

The 32-bit and 64-bit took video music to a whole new level. Now, composers and developers look for inspiration in the film industry, and video game compositions are more than just background music. Today’s music enriches the gaming experience and enhances the overall game quality like low deposit casino canada bonuses you can find.

Video Game Music As an Independent Industry 

Video game music has come a long way from catchy jingles to music performed by globally recognized orchestras. In addition, there’s a growing movement of cover bands playing video game music. Also, video game soundtracks have their category in the retail music market (both in the digital and physical world). 

Concerts and Awards 

In 2005, Jack Wall and Tommy Tallarico launched Video Games Live, a music event featuring orchestras performing some of the finest video game music.

A few years earlier, NARAS (the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) announced that interactive games could compete in the annual Grammy awards.

Although they don’t have a specific category yet, record labels or independent composers can compete in three general categories: Best Song, Best Soundtrack Album, or Best Instrumental Composition for a Motion Picture, Television, or Other Visual Media.

Music: An Inevitable Ingredient of Gaming Experience

For a long time, the two key characteristics of video game music were subtlety and unobtrusiveness. 

However, as the technology developed and creators’ approaches changed, music became one of the major contributing factors to the gamers’ experience. Still, it is not a focal point of the game; it’s there to influence your emotions and moods on an unconscious level. 

Examples of Games with Great Music

It is challenging to make a shortlist of games with memorable tunes, but for this occasion, we’ve chosen these four: 

Adventure – The Curse of Monkey Island 

Michael Land is the composer behind this fan-favorite, having composed one of the most catch themes ever created for a game. This was the third entry in the famous series, and it marked a distinct shift for the composer. The entire creation process is the technological and compositional advance allowing Land to record the piece with real instruments, adding emotion and warmth to the music, which was impossible in his earlier game music. 

FPS – Half-Life 2 

Kelly Bailey is the author of various short pieces you can hear playing Half-Life 2. Meanwhile, some tracks from the soundtrack were re-titled or remixed.

When a limited edition of Half-Life 2 ”Gold” came out, it included the soundtrack and exclusive extras. However, it did not contain all (original) tracks. 

The purpose of the music was to add to the battle experience, enhance the key plot and awaken the feeling of melancholia, isolation, or adventure in the player. 

Slots – Book of Dead 

Book of Dead is a game every history enthusiast or a gaming newbie eager to try slots will find interesting. The game transports players to Ancient Egypt, enabling them to enjoy the adventures of Rich Wilde.

Like any other game, slots use music to attract players and draw them into the play. Book of Dead is no different. The game’s soundtrack resembles classics such as Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones, evoking a distinctly exotic and mysterious feeling throughout the gameplay experience. 

Platform – Little Big Planet 

The game’s soundtrack comprises original pieces created by Kenneth Young, Matt Clark, and Daniel Pemberton along with various licensed tracks. Anyone that has ever played this fantastic game, knows just how much fun this mix of sounds is, as it perfectly adapts to the many different environments on show.

The music used in the LittleBigPlanet belongs to two categories: real and interactive music. The interactive part allows the player to use some of the music in Create Mode. To that end, it is possible to import the entire video game music library into its sequels (LittleBigPlanet 2 and LittleBigPlanet 3). 

RPG – Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the product of a fruitful collaboration between composers Mikołaj Stroiński and Marcin Przybyłowicz. Percival, a Polish folk metal band, along with The Frankfurt Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester have also contributed to the soundtrack. The result is an impressive composition that is filled with ethnic influences that greatly inform the story and complement the setting perfectly.

Video Game Music: An Area Full of Possibilities 

Technology is constantly changing, new solutions appear, and creators are more open to adjusting to the industry trends. What the future holds for video game music is yet to be seen, but as Frank Sinatra would let us know, the best is yet to come.