Back to Pop Punk’s Best with Wiretap Records’ This Obsession

this obsession

Suffice it to say I can seldom resist ’90s-era pop punk, and this holds very true for trio This Obsession and their new single, “Deep Water.”

This Obsession isn’t your run of the mill pop punk trio

Wiretap Records’ newest signees are a trio with a true-to-fit genre fair.

“Deep Water” gives off strong “I Miss You” by Blink-182 vibes, from the steady melodic set up to lyrics full of longing. The golden eye of This Obsession’s single is the stand-apart energy. A forgotten standard for pop punk is asserted here throughout, providing a nostalgic buzz of readiness. Though “Deep Water” is, in essence, a shapely “breakup song,” the single is as upbeat as any other classic heavy hitter.

The song carries in with reminiscing about the beauty of Christmastime. And how it’ll never feel the same. This begins a common theme throughout, comparing shared holidays to a relationship that was and now isn’t. Tying the accounts together with the infectious chorus is probably the best part of the song. “I’ll forgive but I won’t forget / two months until our anniversary.”

Why vocals impact the meaning

To me, this lyric keeps the song from sounding too “Ocean Avenue.” That is, there’s an apparent feeling of moving on from getting stuck in the moment of memories. That’s tied together with vocals. Vocal expression is consistently infectious. A textbook definition of never having enough of a good thing.


Every part of “Deep Water” balances perfectly, making it clear that this three-piece has finely tuned their sound. This Obsession gets across a perfect message with an incredible sound, making their album announcement one to put on everyone’s radar. A Confrontational Effort is out March 16, and it’s sure to melt faces and open up hearts with their unique style of song.

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