There are individuals out there that are so full of music that it sometimes seems to be bursting out of them.  The man we discovered today has written over 8000 songs, most of them in the highly skilled genre of classical composition.  This is no easy feat but he uses all his experiences travelling around the world and transforms them into song, sometimes writing as much as 20 songs a day.  Welcome to the mind of Thomas Schoenberger.

Thomas Schoenberger

Thomas Schoenberger is getting rave reviews these days for his original and explosively talented classical compositions. His new release, “Nothing ever goes as planned”, a bluesy punchy song filled with a timely message of “steady as she goes” demonstrates his increasing awareness of a world gone mad.  From privacy to meteors, Schoenberger’s music seems to have struck a chord with listeners tired of sweet nothings. As the world stops making sense, Schoenberger talks about alienation, a need to regroup, a need to wake up.  Schoenberger speaks of revolution in a historical context, with clever lyrics that seem to be more than just words. “Every time I take a stand, nothing ever goes as planned”…How many of us feel that way these days? Schoenberger speaks not just for a generation, but for a mindset….. The melody comes out of nowhere, and hits you right in the gut.  Schoenberger worked with the legendary Preston Glass as producer (Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin).  Overall the poignant lyrics and atmospheric sound is what really strikes a chord. The constant songwriting has led Schoenberger to something that few artists ever achieve, 13 million views and counting. Get a glimpse of some of his impressive music and video work below:

For more inspiration enter Thomas’ world at:

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  2. This is my first time visit at here and i am really pleassant to read all at one place.

  3. Eric

    I love Thomas’s music. Thanks so much for writing about him Indie band Guru!

  4. Riley

    Quite an interesting composer. Thanks again. His YouTube channel is very well done. The music is remarkable.

  5. Angela

    Great find Indie Band Guru! You guys always seem to keep discovering the most amazing music ! I checked out this composer and he is cool. I would love to see more classical artist featured, since I play violin.Maybe Dead can Dance?

  6. Ellen

    Hello. I have been listening to this music and checked out the composers YouTube channel. It is quite interesting.
    Some of my personal favorites is his scores for silent films, and as a silent movie buff, I am delighted to be able to hear some fresh compositions to my favorite Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton shorts.