Gambling is a very passionate hobby that has no limits. Many people, regardless of their profession, character, or life predispositions, can love online casinos or land-based casinos. An alternate is to even pay by mobile casino not on gamstop. Even musicians visit gambling communities and enjoy the game. For them, roulette, blackjack, slots, or video poker is another way to enjoy vivid emotions. It is worth noting that many top musicians love gambling and do not consider such a hobby to be something shameful. Danish show business stars also love to visit online casinos and do not even hide it, in particular, their favorite is

Here are ten popular music icons that love gambling clubs or web casinos.

  1. Madonna

Madonna has been visiting Las Vegas every year since the mid-80s. This world-famous pop singer loves poker and blackjack. Moreover, Madonna is also not against online gambling. In any case, her views on this part of the industry are quite liberal. She would probably like Online slots Canada. However, she always stated that she was not against gambling if such a hobby brings pleasure.

  1. P. Diddy

You will hardly find a gambler as passionate as P. Diddy. This musician loves online slots, roulette, and craps. Also, this guy even arranged mini gambling tournaments among friends and became famous as a master of cards. According to many interviews, P. Diddy loves gambling because visiting a casino gives him freedom and a sense of euphoria. For him, it’s like skydiving. However, this musician is not the only one delighted to be in the gambling community.

  1. Jay Z

Jay Z has never hidden his enthusiasm for the gambling industry. This rapper often visits Las Vegas and prefers board games. In addition, he plays poker well and knows card tricks. At the same time, Jay Z sometimes plays online slots as it is the easiest way to unwind after a hard day. The musician claims that gambling allows him to relax and disengage from everyday stress.

  1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga loves poker, blackjack, and roulette. Moreover, she often visits private gambling clubs where she spends several hours a week. For her, gambling is a way to say no to stress and an opportunity to meet friends. According to some of the singer’s interviews, she loves the excitement and euphoria that victories give her. That is why she visits gambling clubs so often. However, sometimes she appears in the top casinos in Las Vegas to play for high stakes.

  1. 50 Cent

50 Cent is known not only for his music but also for his passion for strong emotions. This guy went skydiving, kayaking on mountain rivers, and was never afraid to take risks. Gambling is one of the hobbies of his life and a way to say no to dull everyday life. So 50 Cent often visits Las Vegas and other gambling locations to enjoy vivid emotions.

  1. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake loves poker and considers himself quite a skillful player. Sometimes he even takes part in closed tournaments. It’s like a hobby that helps him organize his thoughts and find inspiration to write a new song. In addition, Justin often plays online slots because he does not like to be in the spotlight all the time.

  1. Elton John

Elton John does not like to advertise his love for gambling. At the same time, he is a poker fan and often plays with close friends. Sometimes he still decides on public gambling and visits the best casinos in Las Vegas. However, he was seen more than once in Macau and Curacao. This fact suggests that Elton John is an international gambler who does not mind getting bright emotions in any casino.

  1. Jon Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi rarely visits gambling clubs. But, at the same time, he actively uses online slots and web casinos. The fact is that Bon Jovi is tired of publicity and prefers games with a live dealer. This format of gambling gives him a sense of freedom and anonymity. By the way, many famous people follow the same strategy because they do not like publicity.

  1. Ringo Starr

Despite his age, Ringo Starr still enjoys visiting land-based casinos. For him, such establishments are something like a way to get endorphins. Usually, Ringo Starr prefers roulette, table games, and video slots. But, at the same time, he sometimes plays poker as he finds this card game entertaining.

  1. Ozzy Osbourne

Surely you would never believe that the Prince of Darkness also loves gambling. However, Ozzy often plays in land-based clubs. He prefers video slots and roulette as gambling helps him relax. The greatest rock musician of all time also loves sports betting, but gambling is more of a passion. By the way, sometimes Ozzy Osbourne attends private gambling parties where he plays roulette exclusively.

Final Words

As you can see, many famous musicians love gambling. Land-based clubs and websites give them euphoria, joy, and a chance to forget everyday problems, at least for a while. The fact is that roulette, blackjack, and other games are a kind of antidepressants that allow you to go ahead and not pay attention to stress. That is why musicians love casinos and spend a lot of time there to get vivid emotions.

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