Charles Orgbon IIIs Back With The Power of ‘Blackberry’

Charles Orgbon III

Music will always be empowering. Not just listening to songs that inspire you to be more but also by the ability to create music on your own to share your own power. If you reside in Georgia, you can register your business as an LLC in Georgia. Sharing that power can be an asset to everyone. Our friend Charles Orgbon III is back with his first full length album Blackberry.

Growing up on the dirt roads of South Carolina, the singer and songwriter always had a love of music but not the opportunity to grow his skills. The passion and dedication persisted though. It was not until his college years at the University of Georgia that Charles Orgbon III received his first formal music instruction. Now he was on a true mission. Discipline and resilience have always been his strongpoint. 

We covered his last record Survivors Reward HERE.

On October 1st, Charles Orgbon III released his album Blackberry. On the 8-track record, he leans into his uniqueness as a black queer country artist. Charles says “Country music centers around melancholy and longing. It’s real. And Black, queer people certainly are familiar with those feelings.”

A highlight of the record is his originally produced “My Vice.” The 5-minute track dives deep into his fraught relationship with finding healthy love. The emotion and passion can be felt in the lyrics of Charles Orgbon III. A smooth backdrop with a slow drum tempo lets the feelings drip off each note. Some horns come in to add another layer of beauty. A complete song for a listener ready to be fully absorbed in music.

Keep up with Charles Orgbon III on his WEBSITE and hear more music on SPOTIFY. We expect big things to keep coming from this talent.