Loving music from all types of genres can truly help an artist find his own unique style.  Keeping an open mind has been the basis for some of the real breakthroughs in music through the years.  We may have stumbled onto the next one when we found Tregenza.


The Nottingham, UK based musician, composer and sound designer has worked in many different areas of music creation including sound for video games.  His current project combines influence from each of these to create something fresh and very interesting.  Tregenza claims motivation from such genres as electro, film scores, country, and motown.  It seems almost irreverent but opens  unique flavour.

Last year ended with Tregenza releasing the EP Stolen Thunder.  The record consists of 4 truly  unique cover songs that features the wide spectrum of music that attracts Tregenza.  It opens with “The Partisan” originally conceived by Leonard Cohen. This version is definitely more electro but still has the warmth and minimalistic feel of the original.  Tregenza switches gears with “Frozen” made popular by Madonna.  This spacey version is for a different type of dance floor than the original version, maybe one aided with certain pharmaceuticals.  The real shocker of the album was “What Is Love?”.  The bouncy dance track from the movie Night At The Roxbury is given a spooky treatment that will seep into your head and remain there long after the 3 minute track is over.  Go get a listen for yourself at: http://tregenza.bandcamp.com/album/stolen-thunder

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