Australian Group Trigger Releases Gritty Music Video


Gritty Australian metal group Trigger has released their freshman album Cryogenesis. Signed to Hellfire Records with worldwide distribution, this album is heavy and full of European grind and American bulk.


Trigger originated in Melbourne, Australia and is composed of vocalist Time Leopold, dual guitarists Luke Ashley and Sean Solley, bassist Matt Ambrose and drummer Tim Joyce. They left their mark on the music industry in 2014 when they released an EP title Machina and have been touring festivals ever since 2011.


The band has said they take influence “from bands such as Trivium, In Flames, and Iron Maiden.”


Trigger give more than a redundant performance in ‘The Divide’ music video


With the release of new music and a video for single “The Divide,” the band has gained recognition and rightfully so. This music video is not your typical “group standing on a soundstage being filmed as they perform” affair. This is a story. Beginning with a title sequence similar to an old western movie with Deadpool-esque introductions jam packed with insults and inside jokes.

Metal and comedy are not two commonly associated words but this music video is a game night parody. The members are the band are performing but with a background story. In a smoky bar room these grown men are playing UNO and Connect Four with the utmost concentration.


Until a woman comes in and suggests poker, eventually leading to the betting of personal items and the losing of said items. The mysterious woman sweeps the board and wins every round taking home their cash, a sword, a belt, and some other objects.


While the music video can carry itself, the vocals to this song are absolutely dirty and rough and capture all that is the modern metal scene. They have melodic ability and the staggering synchronicity of a well-honed metal quintet.


The guitar work of double musicians put them at a level above other groups in the scene. And the complexity of their drum patterns give them the extra edge to stand out from the basic modern rock crowd.


The Divide is not only an anthem of the modern metal scene, it is a cut above other music videos. Trigger’s musicianship and powerhouse vocals, not to mention their sense of humor, set the divide between them and other groups.

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