Get In “Trouble” With Jane N’ The Jungle

Guitar parts don’t have to be blistering to move us, but when they are, it’s incredibly difficult to ignore the righteous sizzle they can produce when under the command of skilled musicians. Jane n’ the Jungle take distorted melodies and raging riffs very seriously, and if you have doubts about this, you need to hear what they just recorded in “Trouble” this spring. In both the single and the music video made in support of its release, Jane n’ the Jungle approach the often overly-complicated task of making cutting rock the way it was always supposed to be made seamlessly, and I’m very pleased with what they end up creating. 

“Trouble” features lyrics that are actually kind of simple, particularly when compared side by side with a lot of the content this group has released in the past, but they’re not missing the soulful honesty everything Jane n’ the Jungle have recorded thus far has contained. We don’t get the full story from the linguistics in this piece so much as we get a peek at where the trail starts – it isn’t until we take in the crash of the drums and the growl of the guitar strings that the words being sung to us start to take on their proper weight. 

Watch the video for “Trouble” below

The visuals in the music video for “Trouble” are a bit understated beside this soundtrack, but then again, most anything probably would be. There’s been a real drought in contemporary pop when it comes to grit and overdrive-saturated melodic weaponry, but I think a band like this one might have the ability to change that narrative if they keep writing songs as tight as this one is. The video doesn’t have to extend the vibe but instead simply present us with the material as cleanly as possible, which is exactly what takes place here. 

Anyone who listens to rock knows that there really hasn’t been much to get excited about in the genre for a long time, at least outside of the underground, and a track like “Trouble” definitely hits the spot this spring for that very reason. Jane n’ the Jungle know that their sound is a rare commodity nowadays, but they aren’t being stingy with the gifts they’ve been granted at all – contrarily, they’re giving us everything we can handle in their latest release. I can’t wait to catch them live sometime soon, and I think I won’t be the only one eager to hear them play “Trouble” on stage. 

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