Reina Mora Is Ready To Cause Some “Trouble”

Reina Mora

One of the best aspects for a songwriter to accept is to be authentic. In this day of fans wanting to see everything that an artist says and does, it is very important to live the story you sing about. By being open you get to connect with the fans as well and create a lasting relationship. Our recent find Reina Mora has found the bravery to be truly open and it is paying off.


The singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California has been creating music for quite a while before she chose her current moniker. She toured as the lead singer in numerous rock, metal and electronica bands. Now she has become Reina Mora, which also happens to be the exotic national bird of Puerto Rico, where her family is hails from.


As a songwriter and performer, Reina is no longer afraid to be authentic and reveal the dark challenges she and her family went through – including having all their possessions washed away when Hurricane Georges hit Puerto Rico in 1998 and moving from shelter to shelter with her mom when they first moved to Los Angeles.



To launch her new project Reina Mora has released the single “Trouble” from her upcoming full length debut album Birds Eye View. This new introduction breathes of a sultry sexiness that no one can deny. There is an undeniable sexuality in the lyrics as Reina puts it all out there with no fear or shame. This strength is quite intoxicating.

The Sultry Vocals Of Reina Mora Will Entice You

Her voice winds the listener through the story with sexy abandon. The instrumentation builds up in the background for a full crescendo that will get you energized. She allows you to choose your own interpretation to where the story will go and who is seducing who.


Believing that it’s important to give back no matter one’s station or economic situation, Reina has been actively involved in charitable activities for many years. She is currently working with and doing fundraisers for Puerto Ricans in Action ( to help with relief from Hurricane Maria and to bring a greater awareness to struggles Puerto Ricans face, both on the island and Los Angeles.


Keep up with what is coming from this talented and determined star on her WEBSITE.


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