Echoglass Does not Want You To Be The ‘Last To Know’


Music is truly a universal experience. As the world grows smaller with the use of technology we get to discover sounds and musicians from all over the globe. Our latest discovery Echoglass has taken this to new heights by creating unique songs with catchy hooks and an abundance of passion.


The group was formed in 2016 and although they originate from the North West of England, Echoglass draws influence from a diverse range of genres. Their music abounds diversity, with sounds and stories drawn from the far flung corners of the musical spectrum. Echoglass has found a way to blend it all together into one beautiful, complex and catchy sound.


Darkhouse Recordings recently released the debut single by Echoglass, entitled “Last To Know.” The deep, warm vocals with a slight country twang, lead the way. There is a wide variety of sounds filling the sonic space in the background. It all comes together wonderfully, bound by words of love, loss and sadness. The song is catchy but unique. Simple, and yet fraught with an honesty and complexity that any songwriter would be proud of. This is an understated love song, with a twist.


Another track entitled “Eyes” we hear an elegant, delicate opening build into a full fledged alt-rock classic. The beauty of the vocals and violin strokes contrast the pounding drums and driving guitars to create a very interesting dichotomy. The lyrics are heart-rending, emotional, passionate, and ultimately filled with a deep sadness. If you close your eyes you can simultaneously hear this song at a large festival with a singalong crowd, or at an intimate venue. This song is crying out to be an anthem.



The latest track “Blackburn Boulevard” grabs you right from the start. There is an almost arena rock feel, within an alternative rock edge as it exposes the intense, nostalgia filled angst of the singers soul. Emotions will arise as the sounds fill your ears. This is what music is supposed to do and Echoglass has done it exceptionally well. I still haven’t quite worked out what or where Blackburn Boulevard is…… but this song makes me want to go there right now!


We caught up with the band to get behind the scenes and the answers to some questions we all had. Enjoy the interview below:


First off, where did the name Echoglass come from?

We wanted something that didn’t mean anything but sounded like it might. The word tries to merge the idea of the fleeting, beautiful, haunting notion of an Echo, and the delicate yet strong juxtaposition of Glass.


What style of music would you say you create?

Wow. That’s tough. We don’t try and create a style. We sort of play out a series of emotions.


How does a song come together for Echoglass? What is the songwriting process?

Well, D.A.McKenna wrote our current songs. He would say that he doesn’t know how to write a song. He just plays tunes with words wrapped in ideas. We really just build on that with various different parts. It also depends on which musicians are involved. We have a very broad group who come together for different songs.


We know you travel a lot. Tell us about your inspirations for your music.

Very diverse, from the gritty eighties sounds of the north of England, through 60s Detroit, Nashville. Punk, pop. But more than that, it all usually starts with a simple idea. We listen to everything.


What advice would you give to other bands on the rise?

Oh wow. I’m not sure we are qualified to give advise. Perhaps it would be so what you love, because life is short and doing things you hate is just a waste.


What is on the horizon for Echoglass?

We have a bunch of songs we are working on. So some more studio sessions with some very different sounding songs. Who knows, maybe somebody somewhere will like one of them!

The music is available on iTunes, Amazon and other online retailers. For more information about the group, subscribe to their YouTube channel, Echoglass Music.

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