This year we hope to scour more of the globe to find the greatest independent music out there. Music crosses all boundaries and even the language is not important if the music is good enough to relate with the listener. We already found some music that moves us and had a chance to chat with the band about their plans. Please enjoy the interview with Leo of Brazilian band Universo below:


So where does the name Universo come from?
It originated from a solo project I had called Universo Leo, since I did everything from composing, arranging to playing all instruments, producing and directing. Later as people joined in, it became UNIVERSO. Also, I wanted the name UNIVERSO ( wich means Universe) to be related to something big, limitless,yet mysterious and unpredictable, something universal.

Your sound is quite diverse from song to song, how would you describe it?
Indeed it is very diverse, freedom is very important no matter in what area. We don’t play only a specific music style, but at the same time keeping a Universo signature sound. Also if we have the talent to play different styles and keep the high standards, then why not, right?

Tell us about your songwriting process?
Sometimes I start writing the lyrics, sometimes I start with the instrumentals. There is no specific order.

What is the music scene like in Vitoria, Brazil?
I wish it was better. I’m sure we have talented musicians around, but the scene as a whole is not so promising right now. Hopefully it will get better.

The band uses social media well, how has the response been from outside Brazil?
People from many places around the globe, like USA, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Asia, and so on contacts me asking us to play in their cities

Are there plans to tour and expand the Universo reach?
Definetly. Since we’re an indie band, we’re working our way ourselves to make that happen.

What are the plans for the band in 2015?
We’ll release a full length new CD and also a DVD.

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