There are many situations that shape the life and sound of an artist.  When you are able to turn some negative experiences into a positive result it becomes a very powerful thing.  We all live through tough situations, how we react to them is what determines where we will be in life.  Our recent find Jor-G is a good example of this.

Hailing from the heat of Miami, Florida, the rising rap star is on a new path of success.  Early life was not an easy one for Jor-G and he fell into some bad company and ended up in serving time in prison. Instead of accepting his fate as a potential criminal he used this time to work on a new craft he discovered, rapping.  Upon his release Jor-G recorded his first ever rap song “THEY AINT READY 4 ME”, it showed exactly what this rapper was bringing to the game, but lacked the quality of a commercial song using the studio gear that was available to him at the time.  The hunger for more was there though and Jor-G went on to be CEO of his own label, studio owner, and successful artist with numerous record and video releases.

The latest release to the ever growing fandom is “Buzzin”.  It is a strong track with a very catchy and spacey sound pushed forward by innovative the lyrical flow of Jor-.  It combines the aggressive NYC staccato style with a Southern swagger.  This can appeal to both sides of the hip hop game.  Take a listen for yourself here:

Keep up with Jor-G and his newest music at:

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