There are artists out there that are just filled to the gills with music.  These sounds need to be expelled to the masses.  A good songwriter can find a way to work hard to release these ideas in full song format.  One man that truly is a hot spot of music creation is our latest find Atman.


The hip hop artist hails from Providence, Rhode Island.  The high north east area of the United States is not necessarily known for its hip hop scene but Atman is looking to change that.  The artist/producer/engineer began working on his talents at age 16 and  has released over 1200 instrumentals, 80+ Individual Songs, 5 Self-Produced Albums, and 4 Mixtapes since.  There is just so much music in this man.  His goal is to bring back the innovation and originality to the rap music genre that has gotten stale at times.

The most recent release by Atman is the full length album Silence Is Golden.  The 10 track record will help listeners catch up with Atman very quickly.  Right from the opener “Silence” you will realize that he uses a different and innovative sound structure in his music that will keep your attention.  There is an influence of electronic dance music throughout.  There is a slightly spooky and dark feel to “Tell Me” with sounds washing over the listener throughout the track.  Atman’s lyrical delivery is cut up and poignant making it easy to follow along to the stories that he spits.  This theme continues on tracks like “Nightmares” and Ghost”.  Nothing gets in the way to overpower the well done mix of the music.  There is a minimalistic feel to “Killer” but there is plenty of noises hovering in the background.  The album closes with “Golden”, a trippy song with a catchy drum beat that goes in and out.  This is very attention grabbing and completes a well made album.

You can find the album on Spotify and keep up with Atman at:


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