Touring will always be one of the most important parts of building a fanbase and making some noise to keep a band going strong.  Early tours are often money losing ventures but the goodwill and access to new fans can not be measured in dollars or euros.  A recent find of ours is now completing their debut album and preparing for a dramatic touring schedule.  Let us introduce you to Us Amongst The Rest.

Us Amongst The Rest

The United Kingdom based hard modern rock band has the tracks from their debut EP now in the mastering phase and are doing all they can do to promote it.  Early next year Us Amongst The Rest will venture on a tour through the UK and into Japan.  Plans are to reach the US by June and make a splash at some the the summer’s music festivals.

The band has sent us some pre-released music to check out, in particular, the track “Fields Of Fray”.  The song is an energetic assault on raw rock music showing that it can be melodic and soulful as well.  The musicianship is very impressive and sounds like a band that has been performing together for many years.  The crunchy breakdowns and arena level guitar solos blend meticulously with the powerful vocals that will draw them many new fans at each performance.  Us Amongst The Rest is definitely a band to keep your eye on in the coming year.  Check them out here:

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