Sometimes it takes a while to find your musical calling.  Music is a constantly changing organism within a developing artist’s mind.  The key is to take some influence from all the good music you create along the way and build it into something that is truly you in the end.  Our recent find  Sound Strider has put this theory into practice to get to where he is today.

Sound Strider

Sam Waks is the man behind the esoteric electronica that is Sound Strider.  He was raised on a diet of classical music touring with his father who was the principal cellist of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.  Sam moved on to playing drums in high school for both jazz groups and garage rock bands.  He later discovered the sounds made possible by electronics and became a prominent member in the Nu Skool Breaks scene of Sydney.  He even performed with his own rap group Hostile Wax and experimented with psychedelic sounds.  Putting all these influences together now is the result of Sound Strider.  Sound Strider describes himself as the culmination of this eclectic voyage across the electronic seas.  Producing a unique melange of haute sonique from only the finest waveforms, hand picked from the data forests and lovingly blended with precision and flair.  Couldn’t say it better myself.

Last month Sound Strider released the Intrepid Travels EP.  The 5 track record is an expeience in sound.  The 115 BPM pace throughout allows the listener to stay in the exotic trance from start to finish.  Right from the opening track “The Stakes” you know you are in for something different.  Sonic waves come at you from all directions knocking down any barriers into your mind.  “Menlo Park” continues the sonic assault with a beat that will drag you along into the darkness before “Childhood’s End” brings the fear with its open space feel.  There is a slightly creepy feel here within the cold dark sound.  There is no letting up throughout “Limit?” and “Betoniere” as Sound Strider turns your mind to a nice distorted soup.  More than a record this album is a journey that should be experienced by all lovers of music that creates a sonic landscape to enjoy.  Go enter the Sound Strider world at:

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