‘To Stockholm From L.A.’

To Stockholm From L.A.

In the new music industry continuing to release new music is extremely important. The barriers have come down. And your fans expect, and demand, a consistent stream of songs and other content. Our friend Vargen seems to understand this and has returned with a quick turnaround after his last album with a new single for the holidays.

Swedish singer-songwriter Reine Johansson, aka Vargen, keeps connecting and expanding his music and network as well. For the latest installment “To Stockholm From L.A.” he brought in singer-songwriter Anna Vild. This is their first collaboration and both artists’ first original release in English.

According to the duo:

“We thought of it as both a song about two longing lovers divided by the pond and as a duet between the mythic North and the City of Angels. Alfred Lord Tennyson’s classic poem “Ring out, wild bells” inspired us to the line “I call out to the wild skies”, and that was pretty much a key to the lyrics. Now of course, the black cloud of the pandemic has added a somewhat another dimension to the song.”

The sweet and soft duet lays down a warm and cozy blanket for the listener. The vocals of Vargen and Anna Vild pair well even though they hit on different parts of the singing spectrum. The piano lead takes the listener on a beautiful journey through melody.

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Website: https:// www.vargen.net

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vargenmusic

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