“I Want More” Silverback Colony

As the United States enters what feels like the fiftieth month of the global COVID-19 pandemic, artists everywhere are answering our calls for new content. The months of isolation have permitted musicians on every level, in every genre, to create music that is more raw and organic than ever before. Like numerous others, Midwest alt-country band Silverback Colony has utilized their down time to let inspiration take over. The result is an entrancing single titled “I Want More.”

Silverback Colony is an ever-changing and evolving collective lead by Gabriel Douglas. With over 27 musicians from across America contributing to recordings and live shows, Silverback Colony is not lacking in diversity. Currently, Gabriel has teamed up with Kai Brewster to create something that can lead you through galaxies near and far.

Listen to “I Want More”

“I Want More” has several different renditions, each one bringing something unique to the plate. Overall, the track emits the great sense of longing that most of us have felt throughout different stages of the pandemic. Melancholy instrumentals enchant you as Gabriel’s vocals croon the tune of wanting more.

In the full version of the single the piano shines through after the vocals drop out. Instrumentals take the main stage and highlight the true talent that Silverback Colony holds. The instrumentals are key in taking the listener to something that feels otherworldly at times.

“I Want More” innately feels so relatable, and in that comes comfort. While the full song is lengthy, every second shows talent and is worth listening to. Silverback Colony has proven that even in the face of a year like 2020, they’re committed to growing as musicians. Don’t miss out on their next chapter.

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