Greg Loftus Shows Us ‘Western Medicine’

Based in Boston Massachusetts, Greg Loftus started making music at an early age. Eventually, his sound drifted south, where he honed his sound in Austin Texas. Loftus’s music makes itself at home among other alt-country contemporaries such as Drive-By Truckers, Lucero, and Drag the River. 

“Evergreen” is an honest country-folk track. Loftus wears his heart on his sleeve, putting forth an emotional performance. An acoustic guitar and soft piano accompaniment tie everything together along with some ambiance. The weight in lyrics and vocal performance is balanced out by the levity of bright harmony in the instrumentals.

Listen To “Western Medicine” Here

“When My Day Comes” is a standout track from this album. This song feels like a classic country-rock anthem. This one serves as a sobering reality check about enjoying the good times before they come to an end. The whole band forms a melancholic ensemble taking turns to add something to the track. For a song that takes on a heavy topic, this one is all about finding the silver lining.

Songs like “Hill Country Choir” harken back to Americana where music and poetry went hand in hand. Loftus channels the muse of songwriters such as Bob Dylan, adopting a similar timbre to spin a thought provoking tale. Completing the tone is soft acoustic guitar, piano and prominent harmonica.

The title track “Western Medicine” leans into the soft, slower-paced country ballad style that would be right at home on the radio while driving a southern road at sunset. The instrumental feels wide open, with an echoing steel guitar and a lonesome-sounding vocal performance.

Western Medicine closes off with another slower ballad in “The Last of the Buffalo.” This song trades acoustic rhythm guitar for piano. Loftus laments much of modern society in an existential, introspective, all while down-to-earth humble country-folk track.

On Greg Loftus’s newest album Western Medicine, he shows us how his sound has matured. This album takes on a refined country sound with inspiration from folk to rock. Though this album tackles tough topics, Loftus always highlights positive in his own unique way. Full of depth and character, Western Medicine is a big album for Greg Loftus, be sure to keep up with the artist to see what they are up to in the future.

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