The Big Cheese Gives Us ‘Everything’

Big Cheese

When music is the guide a band can evolve over time to become its best self. Letting this happen organically will create the best results. You can not force good music. Our recent discovery The Big Cheese has developed over a 10 year career to create their own unique style.

The group started as a family band with Larry Rice (Father) playing fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, vocals, and even some banjo if need be. Lea Mae Rice Camarda (Daughter) plays guitar, dulcimer, banjo, and sings. Along the way The Big Cheese Band added Holly Rose Weber on fiddle, vocals, guitar, and ukulele, as well as guitarist, bassist, and pianist Chris Dugmore. 

The Big Cheese has been sharing their wit, humor, and high energy instrumentals throughout the Washington, DC area for over 10 years now. Back in 2015 they hit the Roots Music and Americana singles charts with “Life On The River” sitting at #1 for 3 weeks. That same year their novelty Christmas song “The Christmas Crocodile” was played on nearly 200 stations in the U.S. and spent 4 weeks in the Adult Contemporary Top 20.

Last month The Big Cheese released their 4th album Everything. The 5-track EP shows off their unique mix of folk and bluegrass peppered with lyrics to put a smile on your face. Opening with the title track “Everything” we are eased in with a mellow instrumental tone meshed with smooth yet humorous lyrics. Lush harmonies soothe the listener creating a cozy, warm vibe. 

Let Your Hair Flow With The Big Cheese

An old time country sound comes in with “I Grew It While I Could” mixed with the standard Big Cheese laughs. This ode to hairdos can relate to an aging bald man like myself. (But, I make this shaved head look good!). The laughs come quick and often as the folky americana rolls along. Add in the catchy melody and you will find yourself singing along before long.

The speed and energy keeps picking up as we hit “Redneck Cappuccino.” The mesh of country instrumentation fills the speakers with fiddle and harmonica creating the full sound. What better for the joys of the highly caffeinated, carbonated yellow drink?

The record closes with “Whompus Cat” and all the energy the album has built to. The fancy claw hammer banjo and acoustic guitar shows off the talent of The Big Cheese Band players. Each piece comes together perfectly in a melody that dives deep into your psyche. Lea Mae’s vocals push it even further. Enjoy the ride.

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