Art Block returns with the beautiful ‘White Horses EP’

Art Block

It’s safe to say that multi-instrumentalist Art Block is a prolific musician. Since 2015 he has been continuously creating outstanding releases, including his debut, Los Feliz EP and Eliza EP. His sound has slowly evolved throughout his work, but the calibre of his songwriting has always remained high. He has produced so many excellent songs, which “Angel”, “Sleep Last Night”, and “Heart and Soul” can testify. Since his Art Block Extended Play last year, he has released Seagulls EP, Live Sessions at St John’s, Hoxton and a remix version of “The Basement”. 

Now Art Block is looking to share his latest collection of songs, White Horses EP. It is “inspired by the beauty of nature but also touching upon war, themes of death, loss and the bittersweet nature of human existence”. As for the sound and arrangement, he says it has “an organic sound via real drums played delicately by Raphael Bouchara mixed with Moog synthesisers. A unique tapestry of analog and digital sounds with soothing vocals”. From what he has described and the calibre of his previous releases, White Horses EP promises to be a captivating listening experience.

Setting the mood of the EP comes “Saviour”. It offers a beautiful soundtrack focused on Art’s skills on the piano along with a violin (by Sandra Brus). Their talents create an emotional tone to add to the words he has to share. It’s used to stunning effect, heard from the opening lines, “You were a saviour / I was at sea / A thunder erupted / Through broken trees / Whatever don’t kill you / Makes you stronger / I’m here longer”. As you listen, it seems personal. The delivery of his lyrics feels as if he has been in this situation, especially during, “You were a precious stone / Now I am all alone / I’m fading / Yeah I’m fading”. If not, it shows how much he has connected with his words. 

The mood changes a little for “White Horses”. The piano stands out once more to gently ease in the listener. Compared to the opening track, his vocals have a different feel with a slightly deeper tone in his delivery. As heard from the opening lines, “A solid pine / A crocus that shines / A liberty mine / Enwrapped in a shrine”. There are moments when he uses his voice to pack a punch. As showcased during the sublime section, “And love is a power / That gives us belief / A ray of light that / Your soul to keep”. This mix of mood/tempo goes back and forth throughout. Like his previous release, it highlights Art’s arrangement talents and the desire for each song to offer something new.

Closing out the EP comes “Low Light”. Again, his piano leads the way, with his vocals reflecting the delicate mood. He begins his tale with, “An emotion / A fever / I see her / In dreams that elapse”. He shares his words in a manner that gives them the time and space to flow without any urgency. It also offers the first experience of a chorus within White Horses EP. His emotional delivery of the lines “A fear / I don’t wanna see / A light / I don’t want feel / A low light” is excellent. As the song reaches its final moments, he does so with an atmospheric instrumental. To finish as the EP began, with a beautiful arrangement. 

Art Block has filled his ‘White Horses EP’ with beautiful soundtracks and lyrics. A collection of songs that is a delight to hear.

Over the last few releases, it feels as if Art Block has found the right sound for him. He has become more confident with his arrangement and how he uses it to create the most effective mood to match his lyrics. White Horses EP perfectly showcases how captivating his soundtracks have become. It also complements his storytelling style to create a superb listening experience from beginning to its end. He should be proud of what he has created and it more than deserves your listening time.

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