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“I Want More” Silverback Colony

As the United States enters what feels like the fiftieth month of the global COVID-19 pandemic, artists everywhere are answering our calls for new content. The months of isolation have permitted musicians on every level, in every genre, to create music that is more raw and organic than ever before. Like numerous others, Midwest alt-country

Stormcellar Keeps Us in The ‘Crossfire’

Staying power in the music industry is very difficult. So many bands come and go with nothing to show for it. The discipline and hard work needed to keep pushing forward creating music is not for the faint of heart. Our new friends Stormcellar have been at it for quite a long while and show

Roman Takes Country To The City

All too often we assume that certain styles of music must be from certain areas of the world. Why? We all get to hear music from all over the world. Why can’t we be influenced by it and put our own spin on it, even if we are not in the heart of the genre?