Versa The Band Open Our Minds With “FREE THINKER”

Versa the Band returns with FREE THINKER, an album that recollects on lively questions and habits we share throughout the world. This 17-track album journeys through the mind of deep and hardened thinkers, who come together and express through melody. Taking time out, sitting back and listening to this album is worthwhile for those who want a platter of sounds in their music library.

Founder, Ethan Felizzari, formed the band to create an inclusive environment amongst his collaborators, describing it as a ‘Music Collective.’ The collective strives to think outside the box, meshing multiple genres to create a genre-less piece. Hypnotizing vocals in “UPGRADE” lead to a latin groove in “PORCELAIN DREAMS,” while a heavy sub runs “BAREFOOT.” The band has drawn upon many influences spanning from Frank Ocean to Bon Iver, but will continue to grow due to the everlasting source of musicians. Each release grants the possibility of new sounds and influences to create distinctive pieces. Rap, indie, pop and rock fans alike will gravitate toward the diverse production of this album.

Listen to FREE THINKER by Versa the Band below

Originating from Long Island, NY, FREE THINKER is not the first project by the collective. There have been many releases spanning back to 2019. Just Friends: The Remixes is a 6-track album taking different approaches to the 2019 single along with “Oxy” and “Don’t Be Alone.” Each release has been different from the last allowing listeners to listen for soft rock bass-lines, house kicks and Neo-soul keys. It is clear that Versa has no set limits to their craft, which makes this band amazing.

Versa the Band has made significant efforts since its debut and continues to strive by creating a community of like-minded musicians. Felizzari’s passion for diversity is his biggest asset within the music industry. Legendary artists like Miles Davis, Madlib and Kanye West share this similar trait, each with a unique discography. The band may be young, but has years ahead to create a discography as unique as the album. 

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