Bob Sabellico Offers New ‘Influence’

Bob Sabellico

We all hear about the dream stories of a big name band (or manager, or A&R person) seeing an artist playing a local show and being chosen for a huge whirlwind success story. They have made plenty of movies about it. It is not a common occurrence and happens less and less in today’s music scene. BUT it did in fact happen to our friend Bob Sabellico some years ago.

As an 18 year old in the outskirts of Philadelphia, he was known as a truly talented guitarist. On one fateful evening years ago at a small nightclub, Bob Sabellico was plucked from the stage to replace guitarist Randy Bachman of the band The Guess Who at the height of their international fame. A whirlwind rock and roll lifestyle would ensue from there. As well as a lifelong love affair with music.

Now based outside of Nashville, Tennessee, Bob Sabellico returns with the satisfying new album Influence. Throughout the 13 track album Bob plays all the guitars, keyboards, and bass. A testament to a man who absorbs and shares his passion for music. 

The opener “Funky BS” lets us know right away that amazing instrumentation is in store for us. A jam party has started with a groove that will get you moving. As our ears open up, Bob Sabellico aims to expand our minds as well with “Disfunktion.” The experimental Jazz piece provides a journey into top notch sounds that seem to come from every inch of the speakers. The talent he has surrounded himself with is extraordinary. 

We get a little breather on “Diversions” as the focus is more on melody than energy. The elegant addition of Michael Whittaker on piano adds another element of ease. Todd Sucherman adds phenomenal drums here. The guitar mastery of Bob Sabellico is front and center though as he dances us around the fretboard.

“In Your Face” is a perfect name for the corresponding track. Energy and improvisation get right out there to amaze the listener. The title track “Influence” is a smoother Jazz track but with no less imagination. Jeff Scot Wills adds his elegance on sax for this one. 

“Inversion” continues the smooth elegance but adds in even more to the sonic spectrum with sounds of nature even creeping in there to bring us outside of our own minds. The album closes with the epic sound of “Forgotten Times” with its almost Arena Rock feel at times. Smooth, elegant, infectious, and large all in one track. A perfect ending for the journey.

Dive into more from Bob Sabellico on his WEBSITE.

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